Saturday, July 10, 2010


Crown Black Car is bringing New York City town car style services to Seattle, with a local, personal touch—at a better value.

We started with one car in 2007, driving mostly friends, and have been expanding our fleet and customer base. We now have several cars on the road, a centralized dispatch, and count corporate clients among our loyal passengers.

Our vehicles are luxurious black Lincoln Continentals and Crown Victorias. They are equipped with GPS units, credit card machines, and all of our drivers have mobile phones from which they can call and text.

Our drivers know their way around the city as locals, most of them have lived in Seattle for more than a decade—if they didn’t grow up here to begin with. They’re friendly and professional, and chances are if you go to shows, you’ve probably seen most of them playing in local bands. Our drivers are a select few, hand picked with the highest standards.

Crown Black Car drivers…
• have excellent driving skills and clean driving records.
• know their way around Seattle like natives.
• work hard and are friendly, professional and trustworthy.
• know how to control a bad situation.

Crown Black Car has a near cult following—some of our passengers have been riding with co-owner Sotirios Rebelos since he began his taxi-driving career over a decade ago. As a good cab company should, we make our passengers feel safe, we know the best ways around Seattle, and our fares are competitive with major cab companies. But it’s more than that. Our cars are nicer, our music is cooler, and we’ll get to know you personally. If you’re from out of town, we’ll tell you the best places to go, and we’ll get you there safe.

Crown Black Car provides honest, excellent service that is an unbeatable value and a better ride.

Let us prove it to you. Call 206-72-CROWN (206-722-7696)

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