Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guest Artists at U.T.N. - Aug 7th - 21st!

August 7th – 21st, Under the Needle will be presenting a rare opportunity to be tattooed by over twenty legendary guest artists from up and down the west coast, and beyond.

Through our website,, we are offering to the public, special gift certificates for-two hour sessions with an artist of your choice. Additionally, Saturday night, August 13th, we are hosting “Love Machine” our fifth annual party and art show. Each year we host a giant show featuring works by tattooers, with our current theme being tattoo machines. Belltown favorite, Spur Gastropub will be providing a four-star dinner.
As an added bonus to anyone who purchases a 2-hour gift certificate online, a musical performance at a second venue will be taking place from 12pm until 2am, with transportation to and from the venue provided by Party Bus.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be tattooed by the West Coast’s finest. Purchase two-hour gift certificates online at, don’t delay availability is limited and going fast!

Amazing Guest Artists - Aug 7th-21st:

Jason kundell - artwork rebels, Portland OR
Dan dringenberg - dringenberg & Co., Covina CA
Sung song - unbreakable, Studio City CA
Demian cervera - fulcrum, London, UK
Curt baer - championship, Redding CA
Aaron mason - soul expressions, Temecula CA
Thad Ritchey - magnetic, Loveland, CO
Salem - ocean ave. tattoo, San Francisco CA
Tim forbus - analog, San Jose, CA
Ben miller - por vida, upland CA
Diego Garcia - por vida , Upland CA
Tony Salgado - por vida, Upland CA
Clarens Monroy - por vida, Upland CA
Louis perez III - under the gun, Hollywood CA
Angel Villanueva - Inkspot, Los Angeles CA
Joe larralde - Artwork Rebels, Portland OR
Jim miner - analog, San Jose, CA
Jim Sylvia - unbreakable, Studio City CA
Dan werder - unbreakable, Studio City CA
Julian Zeff - unbreakable, Studio City CA
Abraham - death before dishonor, San Jose CA
Sol - Kings Kreations, New Mexico
Joel albanez - soul signature Honolulu HI / UTN
Joel Kennedy - Cutthroat / UTN
Jeff Houston - UTN
Josh Sharpe - UTN
Levi Walker Polzin - UTN
Megon Shore - UTN
Matt Lentz - UTN
Rain Partlow - UTN

Check out Opening Night of our
AUGUST 13th!!

featuring original works by:

Curt Baer,
Davey James,
Ben Miller,
Charles Wilton,
Allen Welsch,
Bryan Kachel,
Tracy Zumwalt,
Heidi Sandhorst,
Miah Babajee,
Joey Nix,
Dan Dringenberg & Co
Tony Salgado,
Sullivan Giles,
Suzie Fischer,
Greg Colligan,
John Patnode,
Matt Beacham,
Jason Ects,
Joel Albanez,
Jeff Houston,
Josh Sharpe,
Joel Kennedy,
Megon Shore,
Matt Lentz,
Levi Walker Polzin,
and many more...

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