Friday, May 25, 2012

Belltown Arts Revue: Sideshow

It's that time again! The monthly madness that is The Sideshow is back

What: The third installment of a monthly night of local music, art, burlesque, food and drinks (and perhaps just a touch of madness). Hosted at seven different Belltown venues/Business, it's surely a night not to be missed!

When: First Thursday, June 7th, 8pm-2am

Cost: $10 per ticket. Tickets get you food and drink discounts! Tickets may be purchased at participating venues.

Where: Acts will be held at 7 various Belltown venues (see below)

Participating Venues:

Under the Needle Tattoo- 2118 2nd Ave

Back Bar Beauties (
Jesse Belle Jones (
God's Favorite Beefcake (
Artwork by Various Artist

The Upstairs-2209 2nd Ave

Smilin' Scandinavians (
Barton Carroll (
Artwork by Various Artists

Clever Bottle- 2222 2nd Avenue #100

Mike Sylvester of Fly Moon Royalty (DJ Set) (
James Apollo (
Empire Follies (burlesque)
Back Bar Beauties (
Artwork by Patrick "Duffy" De Armas (
and Justin Kane Elder ( @ Vice Versa Gallery

Rabbit Hole- 2222 2nd Ave #222
Back Bar Beauties (
Empire Follies (Burlesque)
Artwork by 179 ( (Live painting)

Lava Lounge- 2226 2nd Ave

Greg Vandy (
Back Bar Beauties (
Jesse Belle Jones (
Carolina and the Longshots
Artwork by Matt Savage (

Bedlam- 2231 2nd Ave

Mary Lambert (
“HillTalks” Bandcamp
Brad Mariachi (

The Crocodile- 2200 2nd Ave

Back Bar Beauties (
Sattelite 4 (
Artwork by Dave Bloomfield ( (live painting)


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